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"OMG.  Women may have suspected, but really have no idea about what goes on inside the male head.  The chapters literally put you into the brain of a typical man through the aging and maturation stages of his life.  Every woman who sincerely wants a better understanding of their relationship needs to read this book. "

Melissa M. 2019

"Completely honest and deadly clear.  Most men think this stuff, but social pressure has made them too afraid to say it out loud.  Up until I finished this book, I never really thought about how Testosterone had such an impact on my words, thoughts and actions.  Locker room talk supreme!!  Whew!  Glad he said it, not me."

Roger P. 2018

"This book is timely, unfailingly honest and very funny.   For all of us that survived the sixties, seventies and eighties, it reflects on how men viewed their women.  The last few chapters are a bible that can help all boomers share the love and care they’ll need as hormones ebb.   A blueprint that love for each other and life can conquer all."

Sandra B. 2019

"A male revolution?  A Germaine Greer for men?  Let’s go pump some iron and eat nails.  The author’s take on “our hero” tells it like it was and how it is now.  Inspiring and warm, while all the time keeping it real right up until the end."

Allan H. 2018

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Today's women are asking, where have all the "good men" gone?


And it is no wonder. Over the last decade with female empowerment, they got a fairer shot at equality, but have they really gotten what they wished for when you throw in the family responsibilities, dual jobs, and the rise of the single mom?   Is this difference in mindset compatible? Regg dives into equal rights, sexism and living in this new age of male decline and female assertion.


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